How to Exercise Weekly for Weight Loss

Studies show that over half of adult Americans try to lose weight every year.
Dieting and exercising are the main elements in losing weight. Regularly exercising and lead to many benefits such as improved mood, strong bones, reduced risk of chronic disease, and of course, weight loss.

The good news is that many different types of exercises can be done, from aerobic training to yoga. With a bit of planning, it’s possible to exercise fun and an achievable goal for you.

Walking can be one of the easiest ways to exercise and a fantastic way to get into shape without expensive gym membership fees.
I was not very enthusiastic about walking when I first started, but it was an enjoyable activity after a few weeks of doing it every day. I enjoyed it so much that I added a new activity to my fitness regimen: interval training.

Interval training can be done almost anywhere, even in the comfort of your own home. It’s a series of exercises done one after the other faster for a specified period of time.


By combining walking and interval training, you can increase your fitness level and lose weight quickly. Combining walking and interval training sessions can also increase your stamina while burning fat or building up your endurance.  As you improve your fitness level, so will the intensity of your exercise.
Walking Intervals can be done anytime of the day or at any time during the day, provided you have the time. These exercises are done for 5 minutes and must be done every day, plus an extra 5 minutes at the end of your walking session to help strengthen your muscles.
While walking, you can swing a length of the jump rope at your chest or in front of you. This will build up your stamina while burning some fat. You can also put the jump rope at your side to act as a breastbone massage.

High steps will help you to reach higher grades. You can practice this by taking the next step with your hands one by one. You can also stand on the highest step you can reach and take another step. This will build up your stamina. You can also carry bags that are at the side of your body and get the next bag one by one. For your following action, you can lean forward and take another step, leaning backward to maintain balance. The last step you can take is leaning backward. This is good to build up your endurance.




If you can get a friend to join you for this exercise, it will increase your chances of accomplishing it. This exercise also helps to build your endurance. 

Challenge yourself by trying to hold the jump rope and jump as many times as you can. Some exercises help to increase your speed. You can try this by bouncing the rope on your head. As you are jumping, you can also swing the rope behind and in front of your head.

You can lift weights above your head and throw the weights back. This exercise builds up your stamina while burning some fat. You can also use dumbbells above your head and move them backward and forwards.

You can make the exercise more challenging. You can try to jump with one leg before bringing the other one in front. This exercise increases your stamina while burning some fat. You can make the exercise more challenging. You can try to walk back and backward.
Be sure to rest as you progress in the workout. Do your activity three times a week, alternating between two exercises.

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