Get A Grip On Happiness

When it comes to making a change, we need to be in a growth mindset, a state where we can indeed allow ourselves to accept change and fully engage with it. So, how do we switch our mindset? Knowing about it and simply being aware is the first step.
Then, please do something about it, and that involves doing something about your thoughts, feelings, and anything you choose to think about, feel about, and do. And what does one do about their thoughts?
They do something about it.
That’s right. Think positively.

As simple as this sounds, it takes some effort to shift the thought pattern. How so? We take some time to truly understand it, fully consider it, think about it, and then do something about it.
There is plenty of information, resources, and instructions online.
Here are a few examples of some steps to using positive thinking:
When you see or experience something that makes you sad, think of all the happy things that happened to you in the past three months and imagine how much happier you will be in the future. That thought can cause us to see the situation positively, seeing it as an opportunity to achieve something great in the near future. It can cause you to feel more energetic and engaged with the case, and that can keep you from getting caught up in sadness.
When you feel sadness, do something about it. This can be as simple as doing some stretching or taking a walk. There are lots of great things that can happen for you.

When you hear or experience a good thing, think about all the things that you have accomplished in the past that are not so great, and consider this positive. Perhaps it will keep you motivated to keep doing the best that you can. That is a powerful feeling, which can keep us focused on what we can do and not focus on what we can’t do.
When you want to eat something, simply know that you are hungry and don’t eat just yet. Let yourself think about what you want to eat and the type of food you want to eat. If you’re going to drink something, know that you may be thirsty, and the bottle or cup you want to drink from may be nearby. Let yourself think about these things and do those things even if you don’t want to do them right now. This simple thought process can keep you from becoming disinterested in what you should be doing.

When you feel sadness, do not become disinterested in your situation. Think about all that you can do. Just think about that positive thing that you can do, and think about all the things you will do with this feeling. That is the magic of thinking—the magic of your mind. The feeling of sadness is a feeling of wishing that you can do something about this situation. The feeling of sadness is a feeling of being in control of your situation, which can make you positive in everything you do. A sense of accomplishment is making that positive feeling and then carrying this attitude with you.
When you feel sadness, think of all that you can do with that positive feeling. Do not let it go. Think about the things that you will do with that feeling, and be positive. If you have that positive feeling, that is something good that you are doing. You are enjoying your situation, doing the best you can with that situation, and then just letting that positive feeling go, thinking about all that you can do and what you will do with that feeling. That is the magic of the mind. The magic of all that is good, and you can then be happy and be doing all that you want to do.

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