What Kind of Mood Swings do you Go Through When you have Erectile Dysfunction?


A lot of men are often judged on the basis of how good they are in bed. They find it difficult to express themselves to women, if they are unable to get a proper erection. Even if they are turned on, they would hide their feelings for a specific woman because they don’t want to lose out on their impression. Thus, even if your crush comes to you and asks you out all on her own, you would not accept the invitation and politely reject it because you know you are going through erectile dysfunction and by the end of the day, you would not be able to satisfy her.

The problem with erectile dysfunction is that, even if it can be treated with medicines like Tadalafil, it has a severe impact on the minds of all those who go through it. No matter who you are, how old you are and what you do, if you have erectile dysfunction, you may have noticed mood swings happening to you all throughout the day. Don’t be shocked – it is definitely because of your erectile dysfunction problem.

Wondering what kind of mood swings you go through when you have this problem?

  • Severe frustration: You may feel highly frustrated when you are not able to get a proper erection. When you don’t have a good sexual life, you feel agitated. You don’t feel like talking to the opposite gender or involving in sexual activity, no matter how turned on you feel.
  • Extreme depression: Sex is a basic need of humans; if you are unable to meet it, you go through severe depression.
  • Sadness and lack of confidence: Erectile dysfunction can lead to lack of confidence in you, since you know there is some sort of “physical flaw” in you.

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