Supplements that Reduce ADHD Symptoms without Side-Effects


The most important factor to search for in an ADD or ADHD supplement would be safety. Prescription pharmaceutical drugs for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) would often take a very blunt approach to addressing various symptoms. By inducing dramatic and artificial spikes in neurochemicals such as dopamine, these stimulant drugs that have been usually considered amphetamines would often carry risks of grave side effects and addiction. Natural supplements for ADHD could achieve the same or even more powerful benefits by working gently with brain chemistry in order to produce organic and permanent relief. Enhanced concentration and freedom from mental distraction along with an overall state of calm could all result from natural Nootropic supplements without any risk involved. Let us take a look at what kind of qualities would be imperative in an ADHD therapy along with’s list of ADHD supplements.

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Working of Prescription Drugs for ADHD

The problem faced by doctors prescribing medication for ADHD has been that no consensus would occur on what exactly has been causing the disorder. Most would point a finger at dopamine issues. This essential neurochemical has been tied to our ability for holding attention span. It would create a sense of motivation and drive along with boosting the natural energy. Many links have been drawn between deficiencies of dopamine and ADHD symptoms. Therefore, most prescription ADHD drugs work by inducing artificial spikes in dopamine.

Achieving Mental Clarity

True mental clarity cannot be faked with dopamine spike for long. A decent option would be to find an ADHD supplement that would encourage total neural wellness across various systems of the brain. The natural neurotransmitter of the brain, acetylcholine has been the mechanism for controlling mental focus. This chemical caters the brain cells and neural structures with nutrients that encourage them to grow and communicate effectively.

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Mental Energy

From where do we get the feeling of attentiveness and mental energy? This sensation of sharp mental focus has been primarily the result of superb cell metabolism in the brain. As nerve cells have been able to process nutrients and expel waste in a better manner, there would be improvement in the signaling function. You would experience the feeling of responsiveness, awareness, mental alertness and general fluid intelligence.

Mood Control

Yet another important quality in an ADHD supplement has been mood enhancement. ADHD patients have trouble staying mentally focused on any individual task or subject for long time. They might feel unstable or restless to sit still for long time without hyperactive behavior. This could result in irritability and frustration that further aggravates symptoms.


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