It has become a ritual that every new year we pay for that gym membership only to never see the gym again. And as the year progresses and we get tied up with more resolutions to fulfil, we forget what it feels to stay fit. The only time we remember or even notice that we have gained those extra pounds is when we no longer fit in our old clothes. However, it can be incredibly tough to manage our weight owing to our rigorous schedules. But I assure you, that with a little bit of determination, self-control and a few healthy habits can change your life dramatically. Even with all the fads that go on about how to lose weight, it is still important to maintain a healthy diet and give our bodies the right amount of care that it needs. So here are some tips for a simple 1200 calorie meal plan that help you lose weight.

    Eat wisely

       Your body is what you feed it, be it positive thoughts or even good food. In order to stay fit and steer clear of obesity, it is essential that you choose what to eat wisely. While lowering your calorie intake is an option, you also have to take care of where you receive these calories from. Avoid foods that are rich in sugar and fats. Instead of munching on that doughnut go for an apple. Avoid binge eating and snacking too much. Make sure that you do not go about feeding yourself that unhealthy packet of chips when there are obviously healthier options available. Remember that feeding yourself the right thing at the right time is key.

     Move a little

        That gym membership does not need to go to waste just yet. You can lose weight even without making time for a gruelling work out session every week. All you need to do is take a few simple steps. Get a pedometer if you can in order to track the number of steps you take in a day. You can start by making some minor lifestyle changes such as pacing while on a phone call or walking around when the commercial comes up. Take conscious efforts to inculcate such habits in your daily routine.

      Be smart

         You must have heard the phrase work smarter not harder. You can be smart when it comes to weight loss too. You don’t necessarily have to cut down your food intake but you can definitely eat food items that will help your body to process the food better. Having a glass full of water before every meal can help to reduce excessive eating. Make a smart move when it comes to choosing your beverages. Opt for coffee or green tea as they help to improve your metabolism and aid in weight loss.

         If are a fan of spicy food make sure to add chillies to your menu, as they contain capsin, an element that helps in weight loss.

       Even though achieving your ideal body image is a good thing to make sure you don’t starve yourself to death or even fall prey to eating disorders as they can have adverse effects on your health. Till then stay fit, and stay healthy!


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