7 Tips to Deal with Troubled Teens


As a parent, many of you may have to deal with teenage addiction and as parents perhaps you don’t know how to react, particularly when you find that their lives have turned totally upside down. Often parenting turns into a constant trial and error cycle, as you try to navigate your way over the storm. Not everything is lost, here in this small write-up we are sharing 7 tips, so that your life becomes little easier and you can motivate your teenaged child to change.

1.     Give your child unconditional love

This is a testing time for both you and also your teenager. However, you must give them your unconditional love. Remember that, they are going through hell when they are battling with their addiction. So, they need your love and affection.

2.     Practice self-care

When your teenager is struggling, then you need to take good care of yourself and not immerse yourself totally in their condition and try to help them. It is not selfish behavior to take good care of you.

3.     Keep calm

Don’t get angry if you find your teen addicted, but try to stay calm. If you get angry on them then they too will react and negativity will further increase.

4.     Listen, listen and listen

More than talking to your teen, you must listen to their problem and try to step into their shoes.

5.     Don’t try to be an enabler

Don’t support them with money, so that they engage in their habit just in order to make their life easier.

6.     Act as if you are in his team

You and your teen must develop a common objective and try to support him as a part of his team, so that your child also knows that his parents are always on his side.

7.     Don’t hesitate to contact any professional

You must contact professionals and visit a drug rehab in Thornton to get more input about how to deal with the situation.


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