5 Tips for Evading Weight Gain during the Holidays


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Holidays are great moments to have less tight working schedules, catch up with friends and family and even to treat yourself after a tough working period. Additionally, there are a lot of parties, and fun-activities where there are plenty of foods and drinks. Most people tend to gain weight due to the poor feeding habits and less activity during the vacations. It is estimated that between mid-November and mid-January, adults are likely to add an average of one pound (about half a kilogram). Although, the increased weight seems little, most people do not lose that weight and the outcome is that the holiday weight gain becomes a great contributor to total weight gained in the year for the majority. Fortunately, adding weight during vacations is not unavoidable.

The following are some tips to help you avoid gaining weight during the holidays:

  1.     Say no to processed foods

Although the holiday season is a non-working time, people are busy with merry-making and other activities and as a result have less time to prepare healthy food. The alternative is usually to turn to packed and processed foods such as mashed potatoes, canned beans and others. The foods may offer quite some convenience but on the downside they often contain excess sugars and unhealthy fats both of which are not healthy for weight management. To escape gaining weight this holiday, endeavour to eat healthy whole foods and if you can prepare and cook your own food by such healthy methods like baking and shun the boxed foods.

  1.     Keep yourself active together with friends and family

The common habit of lying on the coach and beige watching television or sitting for long playing computer games, as well as other sedentary activities should be discouraged. Inactivity is a possible contributor to weight gain more so when it is accompanied by eating so much food, and even worse junk foods. Doing some activity with family or friends could be beneficial for weight control and keeping fit. For example, a family walk is good as it will be a workout, take your mind from food and allow socialization and bonding. In addition to the activities, you can take some great products from 120kgs.com that will enhance your metabolism, and promote muscle development to keep your weight in check.

  1.     Practice smart snacking

Unhealthy snacks like cookies are in plenty during holidays and you may tend to overeat them. If you eat such because they are available, you should keep them away or not have them within your reach. However, if you eat them out of a real need due to hunger, go for healthy options like fruits, nuts, seeds, and other healthy real food items.

  1.     Eat mindfully

Due to being in hurry or on the go which is a norm during holidays, people tend to multitask even as they eat .It has been observed from studies that those who are distracted while eating tend to eat excessively as they are not attentive to their fullness signals. The best thing would be to eat without distraction even electronics. Also, you should eat slowly and chew the food properly and these will allow you to listen to your fullness signals and take fewer calories.

  1.     Get sufficient sleep

Sleeping fewer hours is another common thing in holiday seasons and may cause weight gain. The reason behind the weight gain due to insufficient sleep is that the affected people tend to be less active, hungrier and therefore tend to consume more calories.


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