Is IPL An Effective Way To Remove Hair?


For the longest time, hair removal has been a bane to any woman or man who didn’t want to have thick hair growth on certain parts of their body. Sure, it’s mostly an issue on aesthetics. But it’s a concerning issue for a lot of people, nonetheless. Sometimes unwanted hair growth gets in the way of daily activities and can even lead to rashes in those areas.

The biggest issue with hair removal, really, is that hair grows back quickly. The phase where hair grows in short stubbles is undoubtedly the most annoying. The sensation of those stubbles rubbing onto another part of the body is nothing short of unnerving.

Over time, new methods of hair removal have been developed. There are now plenty of different ways to deal with this problem compared to conventional methods a decade ago.

No amount of skin care products can keep hair growth at bay.


Conventional Hair Removal Methods

Common means of removing hair are usually plucking using tweezers or shaving. Plucking can be relatively effective. But it’s a frustrating process if the part of the body that needs hair removal has dense hair growth. Plucking thick chest hair may even take one work day. Yikes.

Shaving has its merits in terms of being time-efficient. However, practically everyone is aware that shaved hair can grow to become annoying stubbles the very next day. Shaving every day can lead to annoying razor burns. Even if moisturizers, conditioners, or shaving creams are used.

Salon treatments are more luxurious than traditional hair removal methods.

How Does IPL Remove Hair?

Fortunately, there are modern hair removal methods that people today can go for. Such methods are available in reputable clinics like and the like. One of the most popular treatments for hair removal is IPL – Intense Pulsed Light.

As implied in its name, IPL uses pulses of light to remove hair. Initially, the picture of light being that strong – intense – may scare off some clients. However, these pulses of light are designed to only affect hair. Well, for the most part, anyway. IPL is also used to keep skin supple and healthy. So, to a considerable extent, it does affect the skin, but in a positive way.

IPL uses a broad spectrum of light pulses to kill off hair and make sure they don’t grow back any time soon. However, the choice of a clinic is a considerable factor in the effectiveness of the treatment. Which is why reading reviews before spending on anything is always a good idea. The Internet is a handy tool for responsible consumers.

Comparison To Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is also another notable option for hair removal. And, to be fair, it is extremely effective. It uses a laser to make sure hair is removed and growth is put to a halt for a notable period.

To be clear, IPL does not use a laser. It’s not as intense as a laser, for sure. However, one of the biggest advantages of IPL is that it’s more affordable than laser treatments. It also covers a huge area, which means the treatment session lasts shorter.

The advantage of IPL being more affordable isn’t trivial at all. Not to mention that an IPL hair removal Brisbane by The Facial Hub offers services that are far beyond the cost of the treatment itself. It’s definitely a treatment worth looking into for people who are plagued by a thick growth of hair in areas where hair shouldn’t be as thick.


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