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Oral cancer is essentially cancer of the mouth. It may happen anywhere in the mouth area-on the lips, inside the cheeks, tongue etc. Statistically, men are more prone to mouth cancer than women. Most oral cancer patients are between 50 to 70 years, however it could happen to people as young as 10 years. There are several risk factors involved. These include the usage of tobacco and presence of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in the blood. India has a large number of tobacco consumers- 120 million people in India estimated consume tobacco.

This means that 120 million people are at risk for oral cancer. A lot of these people do not belong to the cigarette smoking populace. The consumption of Bidi, a strong and tobacco stick is very common in India. Meanwhile, the HPV vaccine remains out of the National Immunisation Programme. Under such circumstances, Indians remain quite susceptible to mouth cancer, especially those who are poor.

What can we do in order to fund the treatments of these patients? Because, treatment can be expensive with the monetary figure being somewhere in the 3.5 lakhs ballpark. It is not possible for most Indians to shell out this amount of money, especially those who lack insurance. Remember that 2000 deaths every day in India are tobacco related. So how do we deal with this situation? We use something which is quite in vogue online.

Fundraising India is a hassle free way of splitting the bill among hundreds of like minded people. Instead of one person paying all the money, a hundred people pay some of the money. Nobody loses a lot of money, medical treatment is made possible and the day is saved. Sounds too convenient to be true? Just check out the huge amount of money raised by fundraising India. Impact Guru, an online crowdfunding platform incubated in Harvard, has raised 600 crores of rupees so far. They have actively raised money for medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding.

So, if you have a patient who needs treatment and you don’t have the money, what do you do? To begin with, start a fundraiser on the Impact Guru website. It literally just takes 5 minutes to do so. Remember to put in all the medical records and upload pictures of the documents. Once you have done this, our Campaign Manager will get in touch with you and together you can find a way of disseminating the information and plea that is your fundraiser. With the correct kind of marketing, your fundraiser will navigate through the internet of fifteen countries and gather donations. Online fundraising India is an old process being used in a new machine-the internet. If we can handle it properly, we can save millions of lives.


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