The positive attributes of Semax


Semax is viewed as a potent nootropic that can produce neurogenic, neuroprotective, and cognitive effects. This is an artificial drug and it works for stimulating the users’ central nervous system and it boosts focus and mental performance. This medication lacks the demerits of drugs, such as Ephedrine, Ritalin, and Adderall. This medication was developed in the year 1980 and it was produced for augmenting the cognitive functions of people. Besides motivating the CNS of the users, it works for modulating receptors for different brain chemicals, like dopamine, adenosine, histamine, acetylcholine, and serotonin. This gives rise to mental boost linked with this compound and permits the users to do tasks with improved clarity, efficiency, and vigor.

Semax is a Russian nootropic and it is highly useful in lessening signs linked to depression and stress. According to one study, this medication does possess a sedative and calming effect which has the capacity of lessening many anxiety-related matters. However, there is limited evidence that shows that this medication when taken combined with other stimulants can intensify the production of dopamine in providing a superior mood enhancement. In Russia, this medication is classed as one “Vital and Essential Drug” and is used for protecting users against neurodegenerative problems and advocate mental improvement.

Benefits of this compound

The benefits of this drug are mentioned below:

  • Prevents oxidative damage – This medication protects the brain and body from different kinds of oxidative damage. According to studies done on animals, it has been proved that this medication prevents oxidative liver damage that occurred with long-lasting stress in laboratory animals.
  • Improves memory – It improves attention and memory in healthy men. This medication also lessened learning time done in animal studies.
  • Improves circulation – This medication can be used in treating ischemic stroke in patients. Studies done on rats proved that it is capable to protect the heart from getting damaged post a heart attack or stroke. It also averts high BP in the users’ heart.
  • Lessens negative impacts of stress – In animal studies, this drug lessens the negative mental and physical responses to strain. This medication normalizes behavioral alterations linked with increased stress that results from physical injury.
  • Increases BDNF – Semax grows BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). It is a key chemical factor which is important for synaptic plasticity, neuronal survival, and cognitive development. By growing the levels of BDNF, this medication helps in lessening depression and anxiety.
  • Helps in easing pain – It avoids the analysis of chemicals known as enkephalins that control the response to pain.
  • Treats ADHD – This medication is hugely helpful in treating ADHD that include an increase of neurotransmitters and memory improvement.

Buying this drug

Semax is a Russian nootropic and it has got a confined distribution for nootropic purposes. It is available in Eastern European nations, especially Russia. However, it hasn’t got approval from the FDA and very few nootropic vendors of the USA possess this medication. There are some sites from where you can buy it but you are needed to pay an additional charge as it is a novice compound. There are many people who buy this medication from online pharmacies and websites located in Russia and Ukraine. When you order it from another nation, they must give refund policy if your product gets seized by the customs.



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