When is the Right Time to Seek Addiction Counseling?


Often the biggest roadblock that keeps a person with an addiction from seeking counseling is their not knowing when to do so! It is true that addiction counseling can have life changing repercussions on the life of an individual. It is equally true that the individual won’t be able to take advantage of those benefits if they don’t know when to seek counseling.


The following signs are some of the examples that highlight a need for addiction counseling for an individual:

  • You are absent from work a lot
  • You feel yourself pulling away from people who don’t use
  • You have noticed signs of increased hostility in your behavior
  • Your negativity has increased and is becoming difficult to handle
  • You see symptoms of depression
  • Food doesn’t interest you anymore
  • When someone tries to help you, you take it badly
  • You keep denying you have a problem when you definitely have one
  • Your addiction has ended in your hurting someone
  • When you stop using, you feel the withdrawal symptoms come on
  • You have made bad choices under the influence
  • You have harmed yourself while using
  • You keep trying to quit but it isn’t happening


An addiction doesn’t just affect one part of your life. It is gradually going to take over everything. Whether it is life at home or your career, addiction is going to seep into it. Pretty soon, there will be no part of your life that remains untouched by it. BY signing up for addiction counseling, you are accepting this to be true. As more sessions take place, counseling can help you figure out what made you start using. That is the most important revelation because it can help you get to the root of an addiction.


The earlier you seek addiction counseling, the more effective it is going to be when it comes to recovery! Since the addiction will keep disrupting every part of your life, soon you will have lost all control. By then it would be more helpful to go for drug rehab than it would be to go for counseling.

It is almost certain that you will go through relapses. Addiction counseling will help you deal with relapses when they happen. With the help of a counselor you could arrive at the issues underlying your addiction. The conditions that gave birth to this habit are exactly the ones that you need to avoid in the future. Through addiction counseling that will become more likely. It will also make a life without using become possible for you. It is all about going to addiction counseling sessions to arm you with the right tools.

Don’t think the signs mentioned above are the only indications that you need addiction counseling. The signs are different for everyone as is the time when they will show up. You will have to judge when time is right for yourself. Once you do, don’t waste any time in seeking addiction counseling!


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