How to Choose the Right Rehab for your Needs


If you have already decided to seek treatment for your addiction, your next step should be to choose a rehab program for yourself. If you don’t know which one to go with, then you should spend some time considering what your needs and circumstances are. Then go with the one that fits best.

Here are some things to consider when thinking which rehab to choose:


Based on factors, such as the duration of treatment, where it will take place and the kind of program that will be used to treat a patient, there are several kinds of rehab programs. Depending on your specific needs, you could pick out one from the list below:

  • When patients only come in for regular sessions, the type of rehab is known as outpatient treatment. However, if the patients are staying in the hospital and need highly structured programs to get better, the rehab is inpatient type.
  • In residential treatment, a nonhospital setting will provided to the patients. Even so, the care they will be receiving will be highly structured care. For recovery housing, the patients are allowed to participate in treatment programs. They live under supervised conditions.

Which One is best for you?

Before you pick a rehab for yourself, it would be help if you made the following inquiries about it:


  • The types of therapies offered
  • Whether the facility allows medication
  • If customized treatment plans are provided
  • Family visits and related details


  • What is considered progress in a patient?
  • How is the effectiveness of a treatment measured?
  • Are there any records on the previous patients and the long-term effects of treatments on them?


Relapse is a reality. While the program must work to prevent it from happening, it should also factor it in. You should know what the facility would do in case of a relapse.

  • The procedure used in case of a relapse
  • Whether a patient is allowed to stay after a relapse


You might want to check the quality of care as well. Some facilities offer treatments that are not as effective for recovery from addiction. Therefore, it is better to have all the necessary information before you commit yourself to a rehab facility. That would include:

  • The physicians in charge of providing care to the patients specialize in that aspect. Also, check if there are is more than one such physician.
  • Different types of treatments should be available and most of them, if not all, should be effective.
  • Patients are provided with regular sessions and plenty of treatment sessions throughout the duration of the rehab.
  • The program is operating legally and has been licensed.

It is clear to see that not every rehab program will be right for you. It is equally evident that you will have to do some research to find the right one. Once you have found it though, stick to it, and you will be making progress in no time!


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