Major Underlying Conditions Indicating Urinary Tract Infection (Uti) In Men


Urinary tract infection is a health issue rare in men. It however advances with age with those below 50 years of age less likely to have it. This issue is commonly caused by E coli bacteria which exists or appears around the anus after passing a stool. The infection is caused when the said bacteria gets into the urinary tract through urethra. Although UTI may also be caused by some other bacteria, men are not at risk of getting infected as their urethra is longer than women and is farther than the anus.

There are some major underlying conditions that may appear in men and indicate UTI, including –

Kidney stone

Having a kidney stone is among the most telling underlying conditions indicating urinary tract infection in men. The stone in kidney is known to block the passage of urine either completely or partially thereby resulting in the storage of urine in the bladder. This is how the infectious bacteria thrive there and increase the possibility of an UTI. Similarly, the store can create damage to the urethra to let the bacteria grow in those damaged areas. This is why having a kidney store should never be ignored and those suffering from this problem should consult a doctor to minimize chances of an infection.

Weak Immune system

Men with weaker immune system are more likely to get an UTI than the rest. Naturally, a body with weak immunity may not be able to fight off bacteria causing infections there putting it at greater risks for the disease. Being healthy and disease-free may not be in our control but we can consult the doctor and know how to have a strong immunity. A variety of health issues including diabetes are known to have a severe impact on the immunity system in men. So, for men with weakened immunity system, it’s always a big challenge to avoid a urinary tract infection and stay healthy.

Enlarged prostate

Any health condition impeding the flow of urine through the system may cause infection in the urinary tract. Your urinary passage has to pass the urine in a smooth manner so that the urine does not get stored and lead to some kind of infection. This is what happens with an enlarged prostate where the urinary passages gets blocked either completely or partially making it difficult to empty the bladder completely. This is how some of the urine may pool in the bladder and increase the likelihood of a urinary tract infection.

Urinary reflux

Each of us are blessed with two ureters with a one-way value to let the urine flow from the kidneys to bladder. This valve also helps in stopping the backwards flow of the urine. In some cases, where urine flows back towards the kidneys, men are at greater risks of an UTI. Similarly, not proper catheterization is also a reason for a urinary tract infection and that’s why doctors advise a high-quality Foley catheter to minimize the risk of any infection in the urinary tract.


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