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Recreationally, marijuana is used to relax the mind and body and is also used as a fun drug with very limited immediate negative reactions. In saying that, no drug comes without consequence and the use of marijuana in a healthy person can cause sluggishness, foggy-headedness and can cause a general difference to your natural healthy state. Detoxing is the idea of abstaining from a substance for an extended period of time in order to completely rid your body of that substance.

There are many different ways to detox from marijuana. Whether you are detoxing for a substance-free, clean living body or need to get THC out of your system for any other reason, these detoxing tips will help to get you well on the way to achieving this goal.

Depending on your level of cannabis use, during this detoxing period you might experience minor levels of discomfort such as headaches, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, digestive problems, agitation and anxiety. Detoxing from marijuana can be a little difficult at first but the end result is a much more happier and healthier lifestyle, without dependency. During this time there are simple lifestyle changes that you can do that will not only speed up the process of getting marijuana out of your system but that will also ensure that you are happy and ultimately healthy while doing so.

Exercising will not only make you feel good but will also speed up the process of eliminating the THC out of your body. THC is stored in fat cells within your body so that the only way to cleanse marijuana from your system is to burn through these fat cells. If you are exercising and sweating a lot, remember to eat foods that are high in potassium such as bananas, green leafy vegetables and tomatoes in an effort to combat losing this essential mineral at such a sensitive time. If you are experiencing digestion problems drink plenty of water and fluids and work towards eliminating fat from your diet until your digestion is better.

During your detox, be sure to focus on obtaining a healthy and balanced diet. You should be aiming to up your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to replace your fatty THC cells with new and improved healthy cells. Abstaining from caffeine consumption can also help with any insomnia you begin to experience without the use of marijuana. Focusing on getting a healthy amount of sleep will help to speed up your bodies recovery and will also play a big part in your mental state.

It is also a great idea to incorporate pleasurable activities into your lifestyle once you have stopped using marijuana. As THC has a connection to increasing the bodies dopamine levels, you may start to feel a little bored, down or depressed once you have cut marijuana out of your life. Activities such as hiking in nature, spending time with friends and doing all of the things that you love to do will help to keep you happy and will improve your dopamine levels.

If you are considering detoxing from marijuana, these natural and cost-free tips and ideas will surely get you on the way to a THC free lifestyle in no time. If you need a little assistance during this time, there are teas and herbal capsules that can assist with your detox and when paired with the detox plan above, will ensure a healthy and relatively easy detoxing journey away from the use of marijuana.


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