Patient’s Guide: Things You Need to Know And Prepare For Before Making A Podiatrist Appointment


Planning to visit ModPod Podiatrist? Before setting an appointment, you have to do your assignment.  When I say assignment, you need to prepare some things. These things are particularly important for the professional to make an accurate and seamless diagnosis.

If you are planning to hire a Podiatrist in Sydney from ModPod Podiatry, make sure to do the following before meeting with the foot specialist.

Compile your medical history.

This includes all of the medical conditions you had, even your childhood illnesses as well as the surgeries (if you had went through even once). Also include the allergies you have, your negative reactions to chemicals and medications, and other current medical symptoms or issues. The podiatrist needs to know all these things in order to prescribe the right medication for the needed treatment.

Identify the nature of your pain and its exact location.

Our foot is a complex body part, with several bones, nerves, tendons, joints, skin structure, and muscles, which can be a source of ailment or pain. Therefore, telling the podiatrist that your foot hurts will not help. You have to pinpoint the specific location of the pain. In case you are sure that your entire foot is in pain, just tell it to your doctor. You might assume that this is part of the podiatrist job, maybe it is. However, spending time finding the painful part of the foot saves diagnosis time. If you know what specific part of your foot hurts, your podiatrist can give you a diagnosis in no time.

Determine when and how your foot condition began.

How long have you been experiencing the pain in your foot or any other foot condition? How did the problem start? The length of time in which the pain occurs, the degree of severity, and the circumstances as to how the problem started are among the factors being considered when determining the kind of foot condition and treatment.

Determine what makes your foot condition persist or stop.

Through paying attention to particular circumstances which create or stop the problem, your Podiatrist will be able to give a more effective and fast diagnosis and treatment. For an instance, if your feet hurt only when you are walking barefooted and feels better when you wear athletic shoes, then the pain may be treated through providing good structural support apart from giving the usual treatment for your feet problem.

Tell the doctor what type of shoes you regularly wear and the activities you do everyday.

Most of the time, your choice of footwear and the type of activities you do affect the development of your foot condition. Telling such information to the doctor helps them in making fast and accurate diagnosis as well as treatment.

Some might feel ashamed with their foot condition such as having smelly feet. Do not feel ashamed of your condition. Your podiatrist may have seen or encountered something worse than that. If you want to have an accurate diagnosis and fast treatment, provide those information before have a foot care from ModPod Podiatry for a better result.



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