5 Steps To Determine If You Have Anxiety


Usually, it’s a typical feeling to be anxious especially if you are facing a perplexing circumstance like going on a difficult exam. However if your anxieties are already interfering your everyday life, it is no longer normal and maybe you will need to get a special attention for it. When your fears and worries are already having dominion over you, it may be anxiety disorder that’s attacking you.

Anxiety attacks may arrive anytime of the day that may cause you trouble. Generally, it can have a big impact to you particularly if you are dealing with it while doing an important activity. It may occur suddenly without you noticing it. At times, the attacks may be obvious but most of the time, there is really no way of knowing how and when anxiety attacks will happen.

How can you identify if you have anxiety? The following 5 ideas are steps for undergoing a counselling in Bella Vista like Colleen Hurll to identify if you are suffering from anxiety or not.

  1. Do you experience frequent heart palpitations?

Usually, those who suffer from anxiety have frequent occurrence of heart palpitation. This is because they are having feelings of restlessness and fear. In some cases, they experience intense panic because of fear and that’s when anxiety attacks just happen out of nowhere.

  1. Are you sweating a lot than the normal?

If you are experiencing excessive sweating, then you are likely to have anxiety disorder. Sweating is related to anxiety since there are people who suffer from uncontrollable sweat both hot and cold. At times, you will feel unusual sweating that doesn’t happen normally. Once you experience this, you might have anxiety.travel

  1. Do you suffer from frequent urination and diarrhea?

This is one indication that verifies if you have indeed anxiety. Urinating more than the usual is a sign of anxiety disorder. If ever you did not consume lots of water but you still feel the need to urinate, that is something unusual. You will have to consult a health care specialist for your concern because that can lead to a more serious ailment in the future.

  1. Are you experiencing fatigue and muscle tensions?

These are just some of the physical symptoms of anxiety that you need to verify for yourself. If you have frequent attacks of fatigue and feelings of tiredness, that’s a sign that you have anxiety. Either severe or mild, fatigue can always bother you in accomplishing a task. Because you already feel tired from the beginning, you may not be able to finish the task thus, this is a major concern that you need to pay attention.

  1. Is your breathing sometimes not normal?

Shortness of breath is a burden to those with anxiety disorder. This affects your health and your overall wellness. During anxiety attacks, this can occur so you better be ready for it.

These are just five of the many indications of anxiety and you must have knowledge about all of them. Through knowing the steps in determining if you have anxiety or not, this will help you deal with the problem once you are in it.

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