Positive Employee Drug Tests: Why Schaumburg Companies May See an Increase


The drug rehabilitation Schaumburg knows that something new has come on to the field of view when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse in the nation and particularly in the Chicago area.  A shocking new report released by Quest Diagnostics reveals that the percentage of positive drug tests among American workers has increased for the first time in over a decade. Increased stress in the workplace, a lack of job security, and the trend of longer workdays can all play a role in increased substance use and they all do play a role to one degree or another. As a result, more and more employees are turning to drugs as a way to cope with their problems in life, and the ultimate result of that has been that more and more Americans are testing positive for drugs while at the workplace.

The Chicago area has by far had the highest statistics on this with a high spike seen in positive employee drug tests coming back from testing centers.  Schaumburg companies have seen this the most perhaps more than any other Chicago town, with a more than triple the number of positive drug tests being seen in 2015.

How are These Results Broken Down?

The overall rise in positive drug tests is substantially due to marijuana and amphetamine-related results.  These two seem to make the biggest differences, though opiates play a large role too.  Marijuana continues to be the most commonly detected illicit drug, with positivity in the combined U.S. workforce increasing by a staggering 6.2 percent in the nation, and by an increase of no less than twenty percent in the Chicago area.

Amphetamine positivity rates are also on the rise and have been on the rise for several years and are now at their highest levels on record.  In addition to that, methamphetamine positivity rates have reached their highest levels since the year of 2007. In the U.S. general workforce, methamphetamine positivity in urine tests increased by no less than 27 percent, oral fluid positivity increased by 50 percent, and hair-testing positivity jumped by 55 percent.  All in all, these two substances have really jumped quite a bit and basically show no sign of going down any time soon either.

What can be done to prevent this?  Perhaps now more than ever it is time for those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol in the Schaumburg area to give it up and get into inpatient drug rehab Schaumburg centers.  This is perhaps needed now more so than ever with the sheer numbers of people who are abusing drugs and alcohol in these areas.  Certainly, if more and more Americans actually do enter into rehab centers than the statistics on this will certainly drop and actually go down.


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