About the real maple syrup and 100 percentage pure maple syrup:


Maple syrup is one of the most popular sweeteners today. They are claimed to be more nutritious than sugar and 100 percentage healthier foods. The maple syrup is made from the sugary circulating fluid of the maple tree. It has been consumed for many centuries in North America and over all 80 percentages of the world supply produced in Canada now. The golden treasure offers maple syrup is packed in 35 stainless steel drums. There are all maple syrup sold is produced on the farm. The real maple syrup does not contain the high sugar corn syrup. The real maple syrup does not contain artificial flavors and also contain preservatives. Maple syrup has found in the health benefits  and tastes better.

Different Grades of Maple Syrup:

There are several different types of grade available in Wholesale Maple Syrup.  They are the exact way to classified into grade A or grade B. The grade A is categorized in three groups that is light Amber, Medium Amber, Dark amber. Grade B is darkest maple syrup.  The main differences between in dark maple syrup are made in sap that is extracted in the harvesting season. Dark syrup has a stronger flavor and it is used for baking or in recipes, for example on pancakes. The maple syrup grade does not correspond with the quality and rather in flavor or color. All the grade has the same quality, the dark grade is heatier the maple syrup. Grade A have a golden color, amber color, dark color, dark color strong  and the taste is delicate, rich taste,  robust taste and  robust taste strong.

The maple syrup contained in some vitamins and minerals:

The main thinks of maple syrup have apart from refined sugar is the fact. They contain a some minerals and antioxidants. It is 100 grams of maple syrup contain. The vitamin is calcium 7 percentages, potassium 6 to 6.5 percentage, iron 7 percentages, Zinc 28%, manganese 165% availability. It contains a whole bunch of sugar.


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