Various Health Benefits of Pterostilbene


Pterostilbene would be described as a longevity supplement or compound that is chemically related to resveratrol. As a Nootropic, Pterostilbene has been used to promote cognitive health. In addition, it offers a range of neuroprotective benefits. It could be found in foods such as blueberries and grapes. It may not be in very significant amounts, but people are required to consume 500 cartons of blueberries in order to have enough positive effects. Looking from a chemical standpoint, Pterostilbene belongs to phytoalexins family. It is an agent that has been produced by plants for fighting various kinds of infections. You could purchase Pterostilbene as a standalone supplement or located it in Nootropic stack products such as Alpha Brain.

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Pterostilbene Benefits

Pterostilbene has been presumed to work very well when taken in combination with reservatrol. This holds true when you look at the effects of normal calorie restriction. Resveratrol appears to activate genes near the beginning of the molecular processes as a direct result from calorie restriction. On the other hand, Pterostilbene directly activates genes that come further along in the cycle. The supplements, especially when consumed together, would help in the prevention of diabetes and cancer. In addition, it would support healthy blood lipids.

Pterostilbene has also been an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Interestingly enough, this has also been another effect that typically attributes to calorie restriction. It would positively modify several critical enzymes that regulate glucose. This further serves to reduce a number of dangerous glucose-damaged proteins. Carried further, this supplement has been able to lower blood sugar levels and assist in the reduction of elevated cholesterol levels. These effects have also been the key in protecting your cardiovascular system against hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis. Reducing oxidative stress has been another beneficial effect and it has been the key element in protecting the body against developing any kind of heart disease.

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There would be some evidence suggesting that this supplement might be effective in providing protecting against Alzheimer’s disease and any age related cognitive decline. It has been believed that Pterostilbene would be effective in the prevention of loss of Dopamine from memory centers.

There have been a variety of preliminary studies that suggest Pterostilbene might offer anti-cancer benefits. For instance, research has indicated that this supplement could hinder the growth of cancer cells along with their expansion cycles by inducing programmed cell death or apoptosis. It would even inhibit their spread from one part of the body to another. For more information, you could log on at this link.


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